Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 DeStash-along

So, to help me focus on not buying new craft supplies, I'm gonna try to stay up with gaudiknight's 2010 DeStash-along.

The idea is to use up stuff from your stash to make things. I'm going to cheat, allowing myself to buy stuff from thrift stores, and only buy new items that I need for a particular project. I've found these things go better if I allow myself a certain flexibility. But I promise I'll confess when I use one of these cheats. Each month has a theme. Here's the list:

January: white, winter, plaid, owls/birds, for yourself
February: red, polka dots, hearts, "adult" things, for the kitchen
March: green, pin stripes, shopping bags, inspired by a game, for your SO/other loved one,
April: pink, paisley, rain, recycled/repurposed items, for the bedroom
May: purple, argyle, toys/playthings, subversive crafts, for your parents
June: blue, ATCs, craft-themed, pin-up girls, for your kids
July: yellow, animal prints, vacation, patriotic, for the bathroom
August: metallics, lacy, sea life, crafts from a different time, for the exterior of your house
September: black, back to school, more arty less crafty, wearables, for your pets
October: orange, sparkly, skulls/skeletons, inspired by music, for a costume
November: brown, natural prints, craft you've never tried before, trees/leaves, for a holiday gift
December: holiday colours, animals, inspired by a book or movie, snowflakes, for charity/acts of Craftivism

A perfect balance of options. Not too few that I feel restricted, and not too many that my eyes start bleeding.

Unfortunately, all my crafting so far this year doesn't fall under January's categories!

Who wants to join me?


TJ Tarwater said...

That's cool. I want to make more stuff, this could be an easy guide to inspire.

TJ Tarwater said...

I thought I left a comment on here...wtf?

Hybrid Hopes said...

Heh, ms. tj, i've got comment moderation only. Mostly so I don't get bot comments, but also so I get notification that there's a comment.

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