Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Flying to Boise to visit various members of mi familia that are living in Boise, Idaho.

It's not my favorite place on earth. It's beautiful - a river runs through town, dividing it along its longitude. There's foothills, then mountains, to the north quite like the region I'm from originally. Grounding.

But then there's the soul-sucking political makeup, the personal history of abuse and feelings of lonely devastation.

It's not the easiest place for me to be.

Plus, it's not pedestrian friendly :{

However, I happen to have the cutest nephews this side of the North Pole, and two of 'em dwell in the urban oasis that is Idaho's capital city. And my adorable baby sister, and my beloved Nana and Grandpa.

So I stuff my issues into a closet, try not to let any of 'em hop in the suitcase for the ride over, and get over myself for a while.

Meanwhile, I gotta get some gift shopping done! And get some extra coffee to take with me, 'cause "fair trade" is just about as rare a phrase in Boise as "Yes, I do believe everyone has the right to health care and workers should earn a living wage."

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