Wednesday, December 9, 2009


speaking of cold ...
my feet get crazy cold. especially when i'm on the interweb, sitting still except my hot little fingers typing away. which, actually, aren't so hot and get kind of cold too. anyway, remember these:

yeah, unless you've been following me since my livejournal, you probably don't. i was pretty proud of 'em. the first socky things i had made. made 'em for my sis, who was pregnant at the time. i put fabric paint on the bottoms to make 'em less slippy on the floor. except it was a bit too thick for mi hermana so she gave 'em back to me when I was visiting. perfect for this ridiculous cold snap we're having. yay house shoes!

here's the pattern, if you're interested in stitchin' yerself up a pair.

oh yeah, and those are old pics. that terrible carpet is gone, daddy, gone!!

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