Thursday, November 5, 2009

wtf is wrong with the world

I don't think it's getting worse.
Maybe we hear about it more than we used to.
Maybe it is worse. More often.

A friend's sister was recently assaulted. The attacker tried to choke her out.

Then I read about this.

Maybe it's the news I watch, local to me news and Chicagoland news.

No, it's not.

But this news hasn't been as widely reported. At least not yet. The news loves pretty white girls. I guess if I ever go missing, I can expect my picture all over the television. (Yeah, dear readers, I'm a white girl. A cranky one who's tired of this played out subtle and not so subtle racism).

I'm also tired of assaults on people. On sexism on the media and in real life, and people not recognizing that other humans are humans.

Dear unknown women of Cleveland: I'm sorry. I wish you could've died peacefully. In your sleep, or as your pulse slowed down into oblivion in your late 90s while your hand was held by a loving great granddaughter.

Dear assault victims: I'm sorry that the fighting is sometimes literal. I hope your wounds heal.

Dear interveners who speak up: thank you.

Dear people who watch crimes being committed and don't say shit: fuck you.

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