Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey loyal readers

All three o' ya. Just kidding, I know there's a few more lurkers out there. See that nifty little icon way at the bottom of the page? Sorta to the right. Yeah. It tells me a bit about my visitors. How long they stay, what search they used to get here, or what page they linked from, what city they're from, et cetera.

Anyway, I'm not very good at updating this, especially lately. I might for real this time!

Life's a crazy thing. People get smacked upside the head with diagnoses of brain cancer in their early 50s. .
Not sure where I was going with that, as now I'm thinking of someone I recently met, basically, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Then I start thinking about the horrible diagnosis across the hall, younger yet.
Then we have the selfish people.
Then we have the folks that think that they or their religion are always right.
Then we have the folks with work ethics that make you go, "WTF, for real?"
Then you have relatives joining things that you don't want them to join.
Who am I to decide, judge.
Then we have Obama who isn't doing things fast enough.
Then we have jerks yelling at the President of The United States because they don't know how to read.

I just want to hide in my house, harvest the rest of the tomatoes, plant some overwintering crops, talk to the chickens, turn up the drum n' bass super loud, paint things, and howl at the moon.

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