Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing to crow about

We finally faced facts.

This is Tatiana.

silkie rooster

Tatiana is a rooster. Notice that mohawk, rather than the puffballs Mensa and Middlefoot have as a cranial aura? Notice his proud stance? His keen eyes? Actually, all the birds have beautiful bright eyes, so maybe that's not a defining feature. Well, yesterday, his crowing was the straw that broke our denial camel's back (sorry dudes, too much crazy Sarah Palin speech watching lately). Tatiana was renamed Totes a couple weeks ago by Mr. HybridHopes, as in "Tats," Tats being her former nickname, "is Totes a rooster." Yeah, well, Totes is en route to Silverton where he can live out his days dodging coyotes and mackin' on the ladies.

Fairwell, Tatiana/Totes.
silkie rooster

He left yesterday. The day before, I had noticed Francis squatting and not doing the thing chickens normally do when they do a little pause in their walk coupled with a slight squat. Yeah, I mean poop. I immediately freaked out, thinking she must be egg bound. I couldn't feel an egg when I felt on her lower belly, and she seemed healthy, so I left her alone.

Sunday though, Sunday she made a nest in the garage. THE GARAGE! I gently moved her off, no egg. Alright.

barred rock nest,barred rock,francis

Go post about Tats. Put around picking ripe things in the garden. Find two responses. The first, Silverton. The second, a crazy response. Call the Silverton guy, who happens to be like 10 blocks away at the time I responded. We went out to catch Tats/Totes, but first I checked Francis's nest. Francis was frolicking with the other chickens at this time. THERE WAS A TINY LITTLE EGG!!! <3 and guess where she is this morning? francis,barred rock,barred rock nest

I'm about to have the smallest two egg omelette the world has ever seen!

barred rock egg

To commemorate this super exciting event:
egg,barred rock,barred rock egg,francis,first egg

Did I ever tell you that Swamp Thing was filmed at my great aunt's home for slightly off kilter old folks? It may have been a sequel, actually. It's a bit of family lore I've been meaning to clarify.

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