Monday, June 29, 2009

oh, good morning

You know what's fun? Working until 1115pm, then having a meeting which starts at 830am the next morning. C'est la vie. Hopefully we can be more productive than last time, maybe fix some root problems, and I can get some knitting done in between taking notes!

I've chosen, through the years, to not like to not be doing something with my hands. Movies? Meetings? Waiting for food at a restaurant? Waiting in line at the post office? I bust out my embroidery/knitting/whatevs. I try to have some kind of brainless portable project with me, something easy so I can track the progress of the line I'm standing in, or pay attention to the plot of Twilight (it's a terrible movie, by the by. It left me with no desire to read the book, which is a first).

I've crocheted while waiting for a green light. I've heard of knitting while driving but - well, knitting is tougher to not screw up than crochet, and WHILE driving?!? scary. At traffic lights? Questionable enough, and I've stopped that practice personally. Knitting whilst riding shotgun, though, I'm all for it.

Anyway, I need to sign off. I've started a hair-kerchief thingie. The basic cast on a stitch, increase at the ends every other row, bind off, attach two crochet ties, call it a day. Nice and easy knitting for meetings.

Since I dissed on Twilight, I owe you to tell you guys about a really GOOD vampire related show. Remind me later, and stay tuned ;)


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Christopher And Tia said...

Totally love the Twilight books. Not a big fan of the movie. Must hear about amazing Vampire show. Tell, tell, tell.

And I'm the complete opposite. I pray for long lines and waiting at a coffee shop. The few extra minutes to myself keep my brain from overheating.

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