Saturday, May 30, 2009

Caturday Issue One: the Postcard

I love House of Vintage. Everyone just calls it House. A very large store on SE Hawthorne, it has dozens of sections divided by seller. Each seller rents a small portion of the store, prices their wares, and gets a discount, I think, on their rent if they work a couple hours a week as the cashier and general straightener of the store.

I found this in the Gorey section:

wedding,cat,cat bride,blue-eyed cat,postcard

The clickable image will take you to where you can peek at hundreds of other postcards and neat stuff, maybe buy a thing or two if you find something that tickles your fancy. I'm including the link just in case you can't make it to House yourself.

Also, remember when Francis Slugbane was so little? Here she is in her awkward pre-teen stage. I need to get a better shot of her yellowy eyes.

francis slugbane

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