Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spirit Chickens

My love of bears started early.

When I was four or so, Smokey the Bear was my hero. Still is, in a imaginary kind of way.

So, imagine my excitement when I see entire blog posts devoted to bears. Like this one, listing and describing the top 4 bears. One of them is the Spirit Bear. They have a slightly different genetic code than their close close close relatives, the black bear. Area native mythologies involve these bears, in part because of their ghost-like appearance.

I have spirit chickens.


Note that the spirit chickens, commonly known as "White Silkie Chicks," are much smaller than the two other chickens shown in these photographs. Spirit chickens appear to be mostly flightless featherfooted fowl. The symbiotic relationship of the the ghost chickens and the regular chickens is difficult to discern. However, we do know that they eat, chirp, and poop copious amounts, like regular chickens.

A photograph of intreped explorer Francis Lucille Slugbane:

francis slugbane
Note her comb formation. She was purchased as an austrolorp chicken. wth. Maybe she's a barred rock.


The black one with the white chest is also allegedly an australorp. It may be a jersey giant. *sigh*

1 comment:

TJ Tarwater said...

If you love bears so much, why don't you marry one?

(Sorry, I had to.)

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