Thursday, February 5, 2009

More love: Nurses

Mary Seacole, who had to fight things she should not have had to fight to save lives.

"Doubts and suspicion rose in my heart for the first and last time, thank Heaven. Was it possible that American prejudices against colour had some root here? Did these ladies shrink from accepting my aid because my blood flowed beneath a somewhat duskier skin than theirs?"

That's pretty much the only explanation. She arrived with accolades from military doctors in Jamaica. She had experience that few British nurses had with tropical diseases. And there was a flippin' nursing shortage.

So she went to Crimea to tend to the soldiers on her own dime. She ran a hospital/clinic there.

"In fact, many doctors felt threatened by her ideas on cleanliness, good ventilation, nourishing food, and the separation of patients with contagious diseases."

She even tended the wounded on the battlefield during battle.

What a badass.

and I work for a major hospital system and attend meetings. Meh.

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