Friday, January 9, 2009

Why you should learn how to crochet

look at all these wonderful things! If you knew how to crochet, you could make some of these things!! <3

yay crochet! yay craftster!


ZombieKitteh said...

Hmm learning to knit right now. Is crocheting similar??

And Replying to your comment on my page:
You and one other girl are the only two people to even grace my page lol. Some Lindsay Lohan stuff I like but I didn't feel it was necessary for me to purchase the album. ^_^

Hybrid Hopes said...

it's a million times easier.

Deaf258 said...

Thanks for the link! I am still learning how to crochet and found it easier to pick up than knitting.

One problem though, I dunno how to read the crochet instructions. I can see and follow the illustrations or videos, but if they are on paper and in text, I am sh!t outta luck!

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