Friday, December 12, 2008

January 17th: hearts and hearts and hearts

I want to have a Valentine's card and cookie making party. Sugar cookies, red crystal sugar, piped frosting, tiny glitter, cardstock, hole punches, ribbon scraps, letter stamps, octopus stamps, coffee, old friends, new friends...

Also, I made these last night:

sew shoe subs

I know it's not the glamorous Xmas present ever, but I'm wrapping 'em up and giving 'em to the fiance. He needs them, he will think that they're funny, and he understands it makes me happy to make things and that we're workin' on saving money. uh, other than the XBOX360 that we bought on the cheap off craigslist. The pattern and post about it is here. I think I mentioned it yesterday on HybridHopes.

I'm going out to breakfast with some lady friends from work. We're eating at Cup & Saucer, some of us for the first time. One of the girls lives across the pond in the 'Couv. I'm actually not sure who's all going, but I can't wait! I love breakfast. We'll be hitting up the Hawthorne for last minute gifts (seriously, I'm a crafter. Anything purchased in December for Christmas is "last minute.") Uh, what else. Today's my last day off, then I work three days, and then I'm back to my 7 off, 7 on.

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