Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shoes and how they relate to ohmydeerlove

I bought some ridiculously impractical shoes last week. I was hanging out with my friend Sarah, shopping for Halloween costumery, when I found some amazing shoes that I've totally convinced myself were inspired by the 1920s. I know, I refer to any shoes that are not sneakers as impractical, it's true. Maybe I'll post a picture for you later. Or maybe you'll have to wait til you see 'em IRL, maybe at the wedding...

So, the shoes actually came from Naked City on Hawthorne. And at Naked City on Hawthorne, they had tiny little beer can earrings. And today, I was browsing Crafty Wonderland's vendors for the Super Colossal Holiday Sale on December 14th and I clicked on ohmydeerlove's shop link. AND TINY LITTLE BEER CAN EARRINGS greeted me.

A few years ago I would've bought those immediately. Now, really, I don't think my patients would appreciate them much. Wouldn't be a bad gift for friends, family, your beloved bartender... There's also Schlitz and Budweiser versions.

So you don't want to use your earlobes to advertise? Yeah, me either, even if I do like beer.

Well, look at this:

A teeny little boombox. Hiphop and dance would not be the same today without the beloved boombox.

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