Monday, October 20, 2008

I love etsy

I did it. I bought more yarn.

I know.

I fell off the wagon.

BUT: I bought it on etsy. And let me show you why I looooove etsy. People like this exist on etsy:

Sent by larkspurfunnyfarm on October 21, 2008:

Hi Stephanie

Thanks so much for the wonderful yarn purchase. Just wanted to let you know that I have pulled your order and they will be going out in the Tuesday Morning postal pickup. I hope you enjoy my alpaca boys - they make the most incredible fiber. If you have a chance I would love to see what you do with it but no pressure. Can not wait to see your shop goodies - I will heart you to get the ball rolling.

Stay well and again thank you for shopping Larkspur Funny Farm. I also sent you the refund on your shipping thru you paypal account.

She researched me and saw that I'm planning on selling on etsy, and HEARTED MY SHOP!

The person who made this beautiful yarn hearted my shop!

That color is one of the colors I bought, by the way.

And I can't tell you the last time Herrshners wanted me to "stay well." Then again, I haven't bought from them, and they don't brag about their alpaca boys, and they don't even necessarily even SEE a fiber animal there.

Dude, I'm totally excited now. I bought enough yarn to make lots of little things, and put me over the "free shipping" minimum.

Don't you want to order a big helping of red velvet cake for yourself?

I see that you're affirmatively nodding, so click for red velvet cake!

Wooo! Now go there post haste!
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