Monday, September 8, 2008

Teh interweb presents: everything you wanted to know about Palin but were afraid to ask

Please please please tell me the polls are horseshit. I need something to believe in. Obama should be CRUSHING Mccain.

Click here to go to video, thanks to Womanist Musings, the writer of which states such crazy things as "I believe in the value of people over commodities."

Thank you, Renee from Canada. My hope is resurrected a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Hey dudes. I sent this to the Portland Mercury but didn't feel like signing in at the moment to post it in it's own little post. Maybe I will if it gets published.


Palin, really? How bad are John McCain's choices going to be on other important decisions? Even Bush's adminstration isn't repeating the lie of a link between the war in Iraq to the September 11th attacks. Either Palin is oblivious or she is a liar. Do we want her a hearbeat away from the presidency, and do we want someone who would choose a liar or an oblivious soul as vice president? My answer's no.

(Please note that I did not mention anyone's having or not having a vagina at all until now. I really don't care, as long as they're not a douchebag).

<3 steph

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