Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sun Harvest

So Tia of ChristopherandTia noticed my lack of personal pictures up here. No headshots to speak of.

How about a booty shot?

cat on a back

Well, the cat seems happy about it at least. Happy and unwilling to give up his perch.

covetous cat

Oh, alright. How about me and two sunflowers bigger than my head?

sunflower mammoth

Yeah. Those babies grew in my yard. Mammoth sunflowers, in case you're wondering. They are huge, larger than a dinner plate. I only grew two this year, but they produced tons of sunflower seeds each. Mine bent over a bit so they didn't get as tall as they could have. Horrible posture! I'll have to stake any I grow next year. I've got a bunch of velvet queen sunflowers too, but those have tiny seeds that work better for birds rather than humans.

Fall, the days of browns and grays. But wait! I have some leftover summertime redREDred! Behold my Tigerellas and mystery-great-for-slicing tomatoes:


And check these flame tongued Nasturtiums! Gorgeous! Those blue fleurs are borage.

tomatoes and nasturtiums and borage


flossy-p said...

This post ranks pretty high on that "look how cool that is" tally!

The first being your cat on your back!!! :)

Then those giant sunflowers!!! Insane, honestly, can you blame them for needing to slouch a bit. I certainly would if my head was that big :)

Then those tomatoes look delicious!

mmm-mm, very tasty post indeed.

Christopher And Tia said...

I want to get a tattoo of a large sunflower somewhere on my body. Those are HUGE, and gorgeous. I wish I knew how to grow things. I wish it was 20908 degrees here, so things would grow.

Yay pictures!!!!

Ms. Jessie said...

I want to be doing yard things with you. Luna is a crazy cat. Next year I can show what I did to our yard. Hopefully I can get out there more since joey will be on his feet be then.

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