Wednesday, September 3, 2008

house spiders

Ok, so I'm not even going to link to the sites, because that would require me GOING to the sites, but interested parties can google "hobo spider" and "giant house spider" to see images and descriptions.

I can deal with this one, from Kraftykateskreations on etsy. This one's filled with catnip.

The good news is that ours have spots. Or rather, the one my brother captured has spots. Plus, I think hobo spiders are in the medium to large category, and ours can only really be described as medium. The giant spiders I imagine in my head are GIANT, and the large ones are also pretty big. Our little 2-3 inchers (counting their wingspan, or leg span rather) are medium sized. Yeah. So, not hobos.

However, me, the fiance, and the brother have come to the conclusion that we'd prefer NO spiders larger than, uh, well, no more 2-3 inch spiders. So we're bombing. I looked up some stuff that would kill spiders and made sure our fogger had some of those toxins. Shit, I hate chemicals, but spiders freak me the fuck out. I've tried to get over it and have come a massively long way. Garden spiders, cool. Even those big guys that look like ancient monsters (those red/orange/yellow ones with the thick webs). But those creepy ones in my house? shivers. I don't like them above my head, I don't like them on the wall in the bathroom. I do not appreciate them at all. I even tried to convince myself maybe the universe was saying spiders should be a shamanic totem animal. Fail.

So I'm spraying chemicals all over the basement. Awesome.

I know how to keep ants out. I know what to do with slugs. But spiders of this population, crap.

This, however, is awesome. Hurray for ZombieKittenO If only I enjoyed trying to walk in a pencil skirt...

(Click on the images to view the etsy listings, if you're so inclined).


Christopher And Tia said...

That skirt is awesome!!

Thank your lucky stars you don't have wolf spiders. Not to say that your spiders are fun spiders, because I don't think any spider is a fun spider, but... If you can get up the nerve to google "full grown texas wolf spider", I think you'd fall over dead. They're that bad. I'll never complain about the spiders that I saw in the NW, because they could never compare.

Hybrid Hopes said...

Yeah, they've got tons of cool skirts up on their etsy.

I think I'll pass on googling wolf spiders. No thank you.

I almost pissed myself when someone posted their cuddly pet t..spider on craftster. And t****las aren't even poisonous. shivers

Christopher And Tia said...

They don't have to be poisonous to freak me out. If they have 8 legs and they crawl... aljklskjclasj. Its even worse when they're big enough to where I can see thier eyes looking at me. I hate that.

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