Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My day since sunrise

I slept until 800, until awakened by my brother's dog, the tv, and random household noises.

I started boiling water for coffee when I realized we were out. I cursed. Then I found the coffee. I made and drank some coffee.

I ran 3 miles with Janice. I felt like I could do it for the first mile and a half. the bit between 1.5 and 2.75 miles I wanted to walk. The bit from 2.5 miles to 2.75 miles, I thought about how long I had until I needed a right knee replacement. The last block I sprinted and felt a bit wonderful. We're doing it again Thursday.

Tomato close up

I got home, tied up the fallen tomato, and picked snow peas. Half of the snow peas have already been eaten. By me. We only have 4 vines, and I can get about a handful of snow peas a day. Next year, more snow peas! and more green beans too. Slugs LOOOVE baby green bean plants though, so we only have three of those plants left.

Did I tell you about our artichokes? Cooked two of 'em up a coupla weeks ago. I just picked 3 yesterday. I think I picked them maybe a couple days past prime, but they were still good. The outer leaves were a just a touch purple.


And there's my borage. I like the way these flowers look, but they kinda point towards the ground a bit.

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Where's Domo? said...

I'd like to invite you to participate in my quest for a home. Hope to see you at my blog!

Brave Domo

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