Thursday, July 10, 2008



Yes, kids, that's right. It's mid-July, and you know what that means.

Time to get crackin' on the Christmas crafts. Yep. If I'm gonna get everything done, I gotta start now.

I have to be somewhat vague since I have a reader or two on my Christmas Gift list. However, I am making a whole bunch of washcloth blanks. 8 inch by 8 inch single crochet in solid colors that I can later embellish with cherries or skulls or flowers or the F word. I gotta do a bit of a assembly line style this year or I'll go crazy. Or maybe the uniformity will make me more crazy. We'll see!

There will be:
washcloths/dishcloths for most of my family
embarrasingly matching hats for all the kids (2 nephews and 2 nieces by then)! From this book from my sister. I've got a bit of a twist on the pattern though :) and I won't tell you which pattern, but it's easy enough to guess if you're so inclined.
more hats: for brothers, cousins, etc
plants in decorated pots for local family
notebooks: either embellished or made from scratch for the creative types.
earring holders: for the folks I know who are jewelry fans. hot damn, I love Crafty Chica for many reasons, one of which is this tute

I think that's all the assembly line stuff. Maybe I'll make the nieces and nephews stenciled shirts too. Hmmm.

In other news.... HELLBOY II TOMORROW!!!


Ms. Jessie said...

Freaking a. I never thought of using a canvas to make earring holders. and you can use any size canvas. I need to work on stuff to and make a plan of who gets what. I usually have an idea but not this year.

Hybrid Hopes said...

I know. She's brilliant!

I'll love whatever you make/get me.

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