Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garden Update

So I have great and amazing coworkers.

One coworker is totally supplying my garden/yard with mad amounts of plants. If you see one of the 2 dozen day lilies in my yard, thank Eileen for the lovely orangey-peach flowers that are just now sliding into bloom. Squash, she gave me some. What else has she given me... You like thyme? Thank Eileen for the three kinda leggy but still wonderful creeping thyme plants she just gave us today. Some other random stuff I'm forgetting too.

Also, you can thank Eileen for letting me now that the unidentified vines are Belladonna. Flowers that are exactly purple, leaves and stems that are gorgeously dark. If you need atropine, it's your plant. It's deadly, so much so that it's called Deadly Nightshade.

The Nasturtium Toaster Project is cooking nicely. I'll have to post updated pictures soon.

Geez. These are from a month ago. Eeep! Well, here are month old pictures of the artichokes. Might not get artichokes this year, but we'll see.


Did I tell ya we planted a bottle brush? We did! My grandparents had one when we were growing up. It was on the northish side, the side with the garden, by the shed. It's a cool, midsized tree that certain birds are fond of.

Speaking of birds, we've had hummingbird sightings in our yard! A dark greyish one, with green shimmery bits. They're such weird little things, with flexible bodies that they bend skillfully. I swear they're from another dimension.

Here is our guardian. He protects my plants from the jerk neighbor cats. He also said hello to a neighborhood snake. (Yeah, last night there was a blackish skinny little snake along the south side of our yard. Maybe I should've been nervous. I wasn't). Anyway, here's Luna, Lazy of Shadows and Wheezy of Breath, Protectorant of Chlorophyll.

luna in the shadows

Ferns, anyone?
deer fern
We have three, a deer fern, a braken fern that we got for 50 cents at a garage sale (the newest addition), and I THINK the third is a western sword fern.

That's all for now.

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yoursister said...

cool. I didnt know Luna-tic was an outside cat. I would like to grow a bunch of stuff. I plan on growing a massive amount of lavender at our next place

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