Tuesday, May 13, 2008

seed germination update

Borage: 4/5 germinated, and those four are planted in the front around the strawberries.

Tomatoes (Caro Rich and/or Tigerella, we'll see when they bear): 5/5 germinated. 4 planted in the bed south of the front sidewalk. One taken to my sister's home and promptly eaten by cats. Late freeze injured some of the leaves on the ones in my front yard.

Tomatoes Round Two: Tigerella: I think these are 4/4, and are still in seed pots, and we've been working on acclimating them to the front yard weather.

Marigolds: 90% germination rate, and 100% slug destruction. This is both eskimo and african gold varieties.

Clover: enough germinated that I'm happy. I didn't count the tiny seeds in my little pot.

squash, cocozelle. old seed, 3/10 germinated. then they died in that tragic late freeze that bit my tomatoes :(

peppers, some sort of bell. either the seeds from my gardening swap on craftster, or the ones i bought from Seeds of Change. we're 4/5 or 5/5, can't remember. woohoo!

Passionfruit: currently awaiting germination. After two weeks. Patience is a virtue, right? HURRY UP!?@!!!

I know there's more, but I've been up a long time. Bon soir.

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