Thursday, March 6, 2008

Plants and Seed Inventory

Seeds I've got
Bachelor Button, black magic, Botanical Interests
Borage, Seeds of Change
Cal Wonder Orange Bell Pepper, Seeds of Change
Cat Grass (Oats), Botanical Interests (getcrafty trade partner)
Tomato:Caro Rich, Seeds of Change (free w/ purchase)
Tomato:Tigerella, Seeds of Change
Cosmos (Sea Shells), Ed Hume (gift from sister)
Echinacea purpurea, Seeds of Change - traded with someone
Echinacea augustifolia, Seeds of Change
Nasturium, Lilly Miller
Radish, white icicle (botanical interests)
Sunflower: mammoth, Lilly Miller
Sunflower: Velvet Queen, Lilly Miller
Mint: peppermint, Lilly Miller, gift
Carrot: Dragon, Seeds of Change,
Amaranth: Hopi Red Dye, Seeds of Change
Corn: Black Aztec, Seeds of Change
Lettuce: Loose Leaf New Red Fire, Territorial Seed Company
Mustard Greens: southern giant curled, Botanical Interests. Has grown very well.
FoxGlove, apricot beauty, Aimers. from portland nursery.
Artichoke: green globe improved and purple of romagna, botanical interests
Marigold: Eskimo and African Crackerjack (both Tagetas erecta), botanical interests
Onions: walla walla sweets, Territorial Seed Co.

Lettuce: Revolution - red tinged leaves, 6, from Limbo. Planted 3/5/08 in front yard
Latvian Lucy
Bottle Brush

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