Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello and welcome

I decided to spread Hybrid's wings a bit, and change the name from Hybrid Clothes the Future and Hybrid Clothes to Hybrid Hopes. It's more all encompassing, and doesn't leave out embellished journals and accessories like the old name does.

We do reserve those names though.
Which names?
These names:
Hybrid Clothes the Future,
Hybrid Clothes,
and Hybrid Hopes.

With this new blog comes a bit of a new resolution. I'm actually going to update more often than my last blog on livejournal. And you know I have a decent list of projects to update ya'll on. You can read about my adventures in home owning, me and the fiance's nontraditional wedding plans, my crafty activities, and maybe I'll even squeeze out a few tutorials and patterns to share.

Stay tuned, chickadees!

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